Life is full of happy surprises! Whenever I think of David, I cannot refrain from thinking about Antoine de St. Exupéry's words in Wind, Sand and Stars

“Around the table in the evening, at Casablanca, at Dakar, at Buenos Aires, we take up conversations interrupted by years of silence, we resume friendships to the accompaniment of buried memories. And then we are off again. Thus the earth can be a desert and a paradise, rich in secret hidden gardens, inaccessible ones, but to which the craft always leads us back, one day or another. Life may scatter us and keep us apart; it may prevent us from thinking very often of one another; but we know that our comrades are somewhere "out there" - where, one can hardly say - silent, far away, but deeply faithful! And when our path crosses, they greet us with such joy, shake us so gaily by the shoulders!”

During the late sixties and the early seventies, David and I did a lot of photography together. We carried on our quest for images and what lay beyond in the studio, and in the darkroom, often at unearthly hours.

David went to the Far East in 1970. In 1971, I came to live in Canada. In the early eighties, David accidently dropped his camera in the sea…and didn't touch another one for the next thirty years! He became busy with his work and with raising a family.

Nevertheless, David didn’t roll himself up in a blanket of genteel security, nor in routine and in the stifling conventions of life; he didn’t hide himself from the winds, tides and stars! And the light kept piercing through every chink and cranny of his life prodding him to be carried off by the muses once again.

Today, David's photographs are profound, delightful and full of poetry. It's as if he had never stopped doing photography; his visual maturity and his sensitivity have grown with the years instead of being sublimated by them.

I am very happy that David has agreed to share his vision with us!

Philip Lim

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