Pershing's trip to Yunnan - the chinese province south of the clouds


If we were to mimick Pershing and embark on such a journey we would probably start in Kunming the capital and find our way to old and unsophisticated villages. We would then arrive at  the dreamland that is Shangri-la, famous for its  year round balmy climate. We would find ourself in a  plural society with its mixture of Han, Ba, Naxi  and Tibetan people. We would be fascinated by the lay of the land: its meadows, lakes, onrushing rivers and gorges.
In Yunnan, we might even think that we have stepped back in time at the sight of medieval villages, stone houses, arched bridges as well as classic Chinese temples and pavilions set against  the backdrops of snow capped mountains and terraced rice fields.


Le voyage de Pershing au Yunnan - la province chinoise située au sud des nuages

Si nous devions imiter Pershing dans sa démarche, nous commencerons surement ce voyage en passant par la capitale de cette province - Kunming, qui est réputée pour son climat doux tout le long de l'année. De là on visitera surement le merveilleux pays du Shangri-la. Et de ce voyage à travers les paysages uniques du Yunnan - ses prairies, ses gorges, ses montagnes aux cimes enneigées et ses torrents tumultueux, nous rapporterons sans doute des souvenirs frappant à propos des coutumes et de la diversité culturelle des nationalités Hans, Bai, Naxi, Miao et Tibétaines.


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