Biography and credo


I was born in Mei County, Guangdong  Province, China  in the sixties.

I lived in Mei County until the age of 18 when I left  to study at the South China Normal University where I earned a Bachlor of Arts Degree. I qualified as a Lawyer in 1990 and gained a L.L.M degree  at the Law Department of Zhongshan University in 1999.

In 1994 I started my own Law firm The Asia Pacific Law Firm   in Foshan Guangdong with two other partners specializing in Commercial Law .

During my childhood  I lived in the countryside and enjoyed my hometown old style of living. The kindness and simple disposition of the Hakka people as well as their brave and diligent nature gave me a lot of fond memories.

I have long wanted to capture on camera the images of my childhood memories: the  long curling smoke  from  kitchen chimneys winding their ways in the valley among the huge round  enclosed Hakka  houses of my village.The natural beauty, hues and colors of the countryside.

Growing up poor and having barely enough for necessities during my student years, I could only dream of buying expensive cameras and photographic equipments. But this dream also pushed me to overcome difficult  and depressing times and gave me the necessary courage to work harder and succeed .

It was not until December of 1994 that I could afford to buy my first camera a Nikon FM2 with a Nikkor 28-85 lens and started to teach myself photography.

Despite growing up in poverty, I was hopeful and enthusiastic in life and I focused my camera on the happiness  around me and the beauty of nature.

But the reality of my daily work and the cases I handled caused a lot of  unhappiness and disillusionment. I was  disappointed with the meanness in people. The conflict between reality and my idea of a happy environment gave way to much soul searching.

I put my camera aside : I was unable to focus.

During this difficult time of  meditation, I visited far and remote villages untouched by civilization. I kept looking  for a sign to help me get rid of my disillusionment with the world. I kept looking for the way to get rid of my depressed mood and very slowly, ever so slowly started to focus my camera  on

  • The Happiness of Spring.

  • The Enthusiasm of Summer,

  • The cheerfulness of harvest time in Autumn,

  • The  tenderness of Winter.

  • The full blossom of the lotus in the morning dew and

  • The dancing white clouds of the vast Steppe.

The search for my inner happiness continues and is expressed in my photography. I hope to guide people young and old to my internal world with my camera. I always believe that people who are kind hearted live a happy life.

I owe my progress in photography  to my friends and teachers.

I joined the Foshan Photographer Association in May1988 and in August that same year, I came to know Mr. Chuang Pakkan, the famous photographer from Hong Kong. I would like to express my thanks to all of them for giving me guidance and inspiration .

 I hope that all friends who browse through my website would send  me their treasured opinions.

At present  my photographic equipments include:

          Four Nikon bodies:   FM2, F90X, F80 and D70.

          Six lenses: -  Nikkor 100-300 f5.6, 80-200mm, 24-85mm f2.8-4;  Sima 50-500 f5.6~6.3; 1000mm and 500mm mirror lenses made in the USSR.

Two flashes: Nikon SB-16B, SB600. . I also use a Microtek Phantom 4300 scanner and IBM T22 notebook to handle  pictures.


 Finally I wish all my teachers and friends and friends on the web  success and good health.


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